Julie Veille - CEO

Graduated from Emerson College in Boston, Julie was an Artistic Director for various musical entertainment tv-shows. After working in that role for a few years, she pursued her passion for writing and directing musical biopics.

She has worked for the Franco-German channel Arte, having written and directed films on legendary musicians like Sting, Nile Rodgers, Stevie Wonder, and Diana Ross. She also contributed to the production of « Pop Divas, » a documentary series for Canal+ group.

Julie is dedicated to sharing the captivating stories of exceptional individuals, intricately woven with music, all while remaining authentic to the artist as a person. Her goal is to explore their challenges, goals, aspirations, and brilliance, with the aim of comprehending them as fully as possible.

She is a co-founder of the company Seriously Happy, which co- produces « Edith » with WMG.

Julie Veille - CEO
Gilles Marliac - CEO

Gilles Marliac is a French television producer. Since 1998, he has been producing and creating documentaries, magazines, and prime-time shows for all the major French broadcasters.

He is also an author and director of documentaries and television programs, the main commonality of which is to convey knowledge in an entertaining and engaging manner.

He is drawn to new technologies and has always enjoyed incorporating them into the programs and documentaries he produces, whether it’s the latest filming technologies or, more recently, artificial intelligencerelated technologies.

He is a co-founder, along with Julie Veille, of the company Seriously Happy, which co- produces « Edith » with WMG.